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Bitcoin blender – keep your cryptocurrency values safe

Cryptocurrencies have high volatility and can both rise in price and fall in price rapidly; that is why it is very important to know how to use a reliable bitcoin mixer for the protection of your values. 

For which purposes are Bitcoin mixers used?

For several years, Bitcoin mixers have been actively and widely used to cover their tracks (for example, when performing illegal transactions). But now there is an organized fight against them – it has been proven that it is very easy to launder money in this way. However, programs are not needed for illegal purposes: they are often used by those who want to protect themselves or hide the fact that they own cryptocurrency from criminals, as their three main characteristics are privacy, security, and convenience.

How to protect your transaction history with the help of a Bitcoin mixer?

Most Bitcoin services work as follows: they have their own supply of a cryptocurrency; it can be imagined in the form of a chain of crypto coins. When a user sends funds to a bitcoin mixer, they go to the end of this chain, and the service sends the user the coins that were at the beginning of this chain. Thus, the user receives a cryptocurrency that is not related to him and his wallet. In the public registry, you can only trace the path of crypto coins that are transferred from the user to Blender, but it is impossible to trace their further path.

In order to use the YoMix service, you do not need to register and provide your personal data, except for the address of the wallet from which funds will be deposited. In this way, the service preserves the anonymity of its customers. On that website, there is an option to set a time delay; this increases the percentage of user anonymity. You can also set up multiple wallets for withdrawals with an additional fee.

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